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227 lighting f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. LED 6.5" Marker/Clearance Lights 6.5" LED marker/clearance lights are sonically sealed, waterproof and rated to 12.8V DC. The hard-wired design includes .180 bullets. Available with a solid color or clear color lens, these red and amber lights feature a polycarbonate lens, housing and bezel. 13 Diodes. Light Amp Draw: .12A. FMVSS: P2. Bezel not included, please order separately. part no. description color 7252 LED, 6.5" oval, 13 diodes amber 7253 LED, 6.5" oval, 13 diodes clear/amber 7254 LED, 6.5" oval, 13 diodes red 7255 LED, 6.5" oval, 13 diodes clear/red 7256 chrome bezel 7252 with bezel 7256 LED Chrome, Flush Mount Clearance Marker Lights These LED lights have the high impact polycarbonate lens sonically sealed to the housing to keep out moisture and other debris. The up to 100,000 hours (11 years) lights help reduce costly down-time due to light failure. They are ideal for lower body marking. Use standard pigtail (8700, 8701). DOT, SAE and P2 rated. Rated to 8-14V DC LED Rectangle Clearance Marker Lights These lights feature a stainless steel bezel, polycarbonate lens and housing, and a solid state circuit board. The light's 12 LEDs are rated to 12.8V DC, 60ma. SAE/DOT J592e rated. 7430 7435 7695 7690 part no. description color warranty 7430 LED, rectangle, 2 diodes red 1 year 7435 LED, rectangle, 2 diodes amber 1 year part no. description color warranty 7690 LED, oval, 5 diodes red 1 year 7695 LED, oval, 5 diodes amber 1 year LED Oval Sealed Side Marker and Turn Signal Lights Features 28 LEDs. It meets SAE J2039 and J592 specifications. This light provides superior illumination and can last up to 100,000 hours. Use standard oval grommet (8815) and male pigtails (8700, 8701) for wire connections. Rated to 12.8V DC 370 ma. part no. description color warranty 7565 LED, 6" oval, 28 diodes amber 1 year 7435 7695 LED Scalloped Marker/Clearance Lights Scalloped LED clearance marker lights are available in red or amber. Ideal for a variety of vehicles, scalloped LED marker lights are self-grounding and come with 75 inches of lead wire for easy installation. These lights feature a molded snap-ring, an encapsulated potting for total circuit board protection and a field-replacement lens. These lights are rated for 12V applications. 0.15A. 7655 7650 part no. description color 7650 LED, scalloped, 10 diodes red 7655 LED, scalloped, 10 diodes amber 55 50 LED Thinline Sealed Marker/Clearance Lights Low profile, soncially sealed, waterproof LED marker/clearance lights are rated to 12.8V DC. These lights accept standard 1 or 2 wire plugs. Single wire design grounds through the mounting hardware or a two-wire design includes both lead and ground wire for mounting to all surfaces. 10 Diodes. Light Amp Draw: .09A. Polycarbonate lens and housing. FMVSS: P2. part no. description color 7250 LED, Thinline, 10 diodes amber 7251 LED, Thinline, 10 diodes red 7250 Thinline Chrome Mounting Bracket Snap-in light design allows for quick installation. Mates with thin-line LED clearance marker lights. Includes twin leads. part no. description 8855 mounting bracket, chrome

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