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244 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. ECCO 22" High Visibility Class I Rotating Low Profile Mini Bar These economical self-lubricating motor and gear rotator assembly Mini Bars offer a high visibility light. The rugged with polycarbonate lens and coated aluminum base houses two rotating 50-watt halogen bulbs with a fixed center mirror. These Mini Bars carry a SAE J845 Class I rating, CE. part no. color amps volts FPM SAE warranty 10055 amber 8.6 12 400 1 2 year ECCO 15" High Intensity Rotating Mini Bar These low profile high performance belt-driven Mini Bars offer a unique free-form optics rotator module that provides a high intensity light output making them ideal for various work truck applications that require a Class I rating. 10050 part no. color mount amps volts FPM rating/cert. warranty 10045 amber bolt 11 12 480 IP 54, SAE J845 Class I rating, CE 3 10050 amber magnet ECCO5135B blue bolt ECCO5135BVM blue magnet ECCO5135C clear bolt ECCO5135CVM clear magnet ECCO5135R red bolt ECCO5135RVM red magnet new product line extension ECCO Class II 15" Strobe Mini Bars Two-head power supply, offering double or quad flash operation as well as high to low intensity light output which can be user-selected at the time of installation or via a switch. ECCO 15" Rotating Mini Bar, Class I These Mini Bars feature a heavy-duty gear drive rotator and have a polycarbonate lens and dome. ECCO5150ACCVM ECCO5315A part no. color mount lens volts FPM rating/cert. warranty ECCO5150AAA amber bolt amber 12-24 70/65 SAE J1318 Class II, R10, CE 2 years ECCO5150AAAVM magnet amber ECCO5150ACC bolt clear R10, CE ECCO5150ACCVM magnet amber part no. color mount lens volts FPM rating/cert. warranty ECCO5315A amber bolt amber 12 300 SAE J845 Class I, California Title 13 2 years ECCO5315AVM magnet LED 1" Micro Strobes They feature 11 selectable flash patterns and are capable of alternating or synchronized lashing. Mounting is made easy with supplied grommet and stainless steel bezel, into a 1" mounting hole. Each light is pre-wired with individual control module. Rated to 210MA max draw @ 12.8V DC. part no. color diodes flash patterns warranty 10130 red 1 11 1 year 10131 white 10135 amber 10132 blue-clear lens 10131 10135

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