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248 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. ECCO LED Quad Flash Class I Lights These directional LEDs comprise 20 high intensity LEDs with individual reflectors. Featuring 7 flash patterns and synchronization capability, offering fit-and-forget maintenance-free operation and low amp draw. Lights have a tough, clear polycarbonate housing with encapsulated electronics. These flash lights are rated SAE J595 Class I, CE, and R10. ECCO3861 part no. color mount shape SAE warranty ECCO3811A amber surface rectangle 1 3 year ECCO3811B blue ECCO3811C clear ECCO3811R red ECCO3861A amber grommet oval ECCO3861B blue ECCO3861C clear ECCO3861R red ECCO3811 ECCO Concealed Surface Mount LED Directional Light These surface mounted lights are high intensity, directional LED warning lights specifically designed for vehicle headlight and tail light applications. The six 1-watt LEDs can be programmed to 16 different flash patterns. The in-line waterproof driver module eliminates need for a remote power supply. They are manufactured with a UV stabilized polycarbonate lens, nickel-plated housing and come with a 9-ft cable. CE. ECCO Dual Head Concealed Warning LEDs Control electronics are situated in a sealed, in-line driver module so no remote power supply is required. 16 flash patterns are included and multiple units can be synchronized to flash alternately or simultaneously. Four 1-watt high intensity LED's per head provide exceptional warning. UV stabilized polycarbonate lens, nickel plated housing and 9' cable. CE, R10. part no. color mount warranty ECCO9014A amber surface 2 year ECCO9014B blue ECCO9014C clear ECCO9014R red part no. color mount warranty ECCO9021AA amber surface 5 year ECCO9021BB blue ECCO9021CC clear ECCO9021RR red ECCO9022AA amber pop-in ECCO9022BB blue ECCO9022CC clear ECCO9022RR red part no. color SAE warranty ECCOED3766AB amber/blue 1 3 year ECCOED3766AC amber/clear ECCOED3766AG amber/green ECCOED3766AR amber/red ECCOED3766RB amber/blue ECCOED3766AB ECCO Class I Dual Color LED Directional The dual color surface directional light offers the flexibility of two different color outputs within a single unit, comprised of 12 high intensity LEDs, six of each color. With the choice of 11 flash patterns and synchronization capability, it allows for an attention-getting multi- color warning system with half the number of lights typically required. Each model can be programmed to flash either color option individually or alternate colors. Meets SAE J595 Class I, California Title 13, R65, R10. NEW!

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