Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 250 Lighting

250 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. ECCO 3700 Series Class I Surface Mount LED Directional This versatile surface mount light features synchronization capability and SAE Class I operation. Lights also feature low amp draw and are rated to 12-24V DC. SAE J595 Class I (Amber, Blue, Clear & Red). R10 (3703 and 3704 only). ECCO3704RB and ECCO3705RB are not available for use on public roads by private vehicles. part no. color no. flahes no. LEDs rating/cert. warranty ECCO3703A Amber 11 3 SAE J595 Class I, R10 3 year ECCO3703B Blue ECCO3703C Clear ECCO3703G Green R10 ECCO3703R Red SAE J595 Class I, R10 ECCO3704A Amber 21 4 ECCO3704B Blue ECCO3704C Clear ECCO3704G Green R10 ECCO3704R Red SAE J595 Class I, R10 ECCO3705A Amber 6 SAE J595 Class I ECCO3705B Blue ECCO3705C Clear ECCO3705G Green - ECCO3705R Red SAE J595 Class I ECCO3704AB Amber/Blue 4 ECCO3704AC Amber/Clear ECCO3704AR Amber/Red ECCO3704BC Blue/Clear ECCO3704RB Red/Blue ECCO3704RC Red/Clear ECCO3705AB Amber/Blue 6 ECCO3705AC Amber/Clear ECCO3705AR Amber/Red ECCO3705BC Blue/Clear ECCO3705RB Red/Blue ECCO3705RC Red/Clear ECCOED0002A ECCOED0003A ECCOED0004A ECCO Self Adhesive LED Warning Lights Stick-A-LED warning lights are compact, high intensity auxiliary LEDs designed to provide a powerful warning signal with fast and easy installation. The self-adhesive, peel and stick backing allows placement on any flat surface. They require only a single wiring hole and a simple two wire connection. Meets CE, R10, IP66 standards. part no. color shape warranty ECCOED0002A amber oval 1 year ECCOED0002B blue ECCOED0002C clear ECCOED0002R red ECCOED0003A amber triangle ECCOED0003B blue ECCOED0003C clear ECCOED0003R red ECCOED0004A amber rectangle ECCOED0004B blue ECCOED0004C clear ECCOED0004R red NEW!

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