Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 253 Lighting

253 lighting f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. part no. color pattern rating volts raw lumens warranty ECCOEW2101 white flood IP67, CE, R10 12-24V DC @ 1.9 A 1650 3 years ECCOEW2101A amber flood IP67, CE, R10 12-24V DC @ 1.8 A 1650 part no. pattern rating volts raw lumens warranty ECCOEW2102 flood IP67 12-24V DC @ 2.6 A 2000 3 years ECCO Equinox Square 8 LED Work Light With a modern housing shape and exclusive ECCO grille recessed in the lens, Equinox is a distinctive universal work light that shines brightly in any work environment. The EW2102 model also features the Lo-GLO, an illuminated ECCO logo that provides both a modern look and offers additional safety as an obstruction marker light. Featuring aluminum housing, IP67 protection rating and a 3 year warranty, the EW2102 has the added benefits of a UV hard coated lens and a Gore vent for superior environmental protection. ECCO Equinox Square 6 LED Work Light A universal work light, the Equinox work lights offers the brightest light for your application. Featuring aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, IP67 rating. ECCOEW2102 ECCOEW2101 ECCOEW2340 ECCOEW2101A ECCO Oval 4 LED Work Light Features 12-24V DC operation, aluminum housing and a 3-year warranty. Aluminum heatsink housing. ABS reflector and polycarbonate lens. Steel mounting bracket. ECCO Square 8 LED Work Light Features high-intensity 3900 lumen light output making it an ideal choice for flood beams. Eight 10-watt LEDs. High-intensity beam. Aluminum heatsink housing. Heavy-Duty stainless steel articulating bracket. Polycarbonate lens. part no. LEDs pattern rating volts raw lumens warranty ECCOEW2340 4-10 watt spot - 12-24V DC @ 1.9 A 2200 3 years ECCOEW2341 4-10 watt flood - 12-24V DC @ 1.9 A 2050 part no. pattern rating volts raw lumens warranty ECCOEW2330 spot - 12-24V DC @ 4.8 A 4600 3 years ECCOEW2331 flood - 12-24V DC @ 4.8 A 4850 ECCOEW2461NA ECCO Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light Featuring a high intensity lumen flood beam and three operating modes (100% intensity, 30% intensity and SOS flashing).The long-life, lithium rechargable battery allows the LED work light to be operated for 3-4 hours before recharging is required. Supplied with a cigarette socket charging lead and North American AC charger. part no. LED color base color pattern lumens warranty ECCOEW2461NA clear black flood 600 1 year ECCOEW2461CAMO clear camo flood 650 ECCOEW2461CANA clear/amber black flood 650 ECCOEW2461CRNA clear/red black flood 650 part no. replacement parts ECCOEW4002NA north american AC plug adapter ECCOEW4003 cigarette socket charger ECCOEW4004 handle new product line extension ECCO Class I Surface/Bracket Mount LED Directionals The ED3022 LED directional light offers long life, maintenance-free operation. Supplied with a bezel matching color of illumination. part no. color mounting patterns no. LEDs rating/cert. warranty ECCOED3022A amber surface/ bracket 12 3 SAE Class I, R65, California Title 13, IP67, R10 3 years ECCOED3022B blue ECCOED3022C clear ECCOED3022G green ECCOED3022R red ECCOED3022R NEW!

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