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258 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. 9115 ECCOFH577 9135 part no. description dB volts SAE type warranty ECCO210 light-duty, compact fixed decibel 97 12V DC SAE J994 TYPE C 2 year part no. description dB volts SAE type ECCODF532 medium-duty, fixed decibel 102 12-24V DC F ECCOFH575 medium-duty, forward horn, fixed decibel 107 12V DC L ECCOFH577 forward horn, fixed decibel 107 24-48V DC N/A ECCODT500 dual tone, fixed decibel 97 12-24V DC N/A ECCODT500FPLWC dual tone, fixed decibel 102 12-24V DC N/A part no. alarm type dB volts SAE type warranty ECCO580 fixed decibel 87 12-80V DC D 2 year 9115 97 12V DC C ECCO520 97 12-24V DC C ECCO585 97 12-48V DC C ECCO530 102 12-24V DC F ECCO505 87 12-24 D 9135 adjustable decibel 77-97 12-48V DC N/A ECCOSA950 82-102 12-24V DC N/A ECCO Compact Surface Back-Up Alarm ECCO's compact, surface-mount alarm provides a low-mount warning alarm specifically designed to offer a wide range of mounting options where space is limited. It is designed with rugged durability and is protected from vibration and moisture. ECCO's unique grill design meets the requirements of SAE J994 for high-pressure washing. Temperature range -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F ). ECCO Forward Horn Alarms ECCO offers a variety of different warning alarms for both back-up and non-back-up applications including combination alarm & lights, dual function, dual tone and selectable volume alarms. ECCO's forward horns are specifically designed for use on SCR controlled electric vehicles or severe vibration IC vehicles. ECCO Light-Duty Back-Up Alarms ECCO's most compact and popular line of back-up alarms provides a cost-effective warning solution with ECCO quality and reliability. A glass-filled nylon housing with epoxy-encapsulated electronics provide exceptional durability and protection against moisture, dust and vibration. ECCO's Smart Alarm measures ambient noise and adjusts sound levels to create a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to noise pollution. Smart Alarms eliminate the need for constant manual adjustment and help prevent intentional alarm disconnection. These alarms feature a compact size and universal mounting bracket maximizes location options. The alarms are self-grounding and are sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture and vibration. Temperature range: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F ). RU. CE. Fixed Sound - Back-up alarm produces a standard fixed audio beeping sound at the alarm's rated decibel level. Switchable - Back-up alarm can be manually switched between the alarm's rated decibel level. Smart Alarm - Back-up alarm automatically detects ambient sound and self-adjusts to produce 5 decibels louder up to stated decibel level. Multi-Frequency - Emits sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 400Hz so sound is perceived to dissipate quickly. Back-up Alarms Back-Up Light with Alarm This combination back-up light and back-up alarm eliminates the need for a separately installed back up alarm on your vehicle. The 9 piece, white LED bulb can replace P21W, 1156, 7506, 3497, 1073, 1141, 12498 and 12496 bulbs. The alarm is a 104 db beeping on/off piezo tone. Rated to 12V DC. Easy installation; use as a replacement bulb. part no. replacement bulb dB 78685 P21W, 1156, 7506, 3497, 1073, 1141, 12498 and 12496 104 Multi Frequency Emits sound new product line extension

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