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277 battery cables & accessories f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Battery Jump Pack Fits into small storage areas and is ready at the flip of a switch. The built-in flashlight helps illuminate dark work areas and the 22 inch, 8 gauge flexible cables can reach most batteries under the hood. A 12V DC power outlet allows for emergency charging or power supply of the 7 amp hour battery. The LED battery status indicator provides a quick visual on power status of the jump pack. part no. description 992000 battery jump pack Battery Booster Rescue Pack With Inverter and Compressor Designed with many standard features to provide safe jumpstarting. Each unit offers 55" cables, heavy-duty clamps with LED lights to illuminate dark areas, 12V receptacle outlet, an internal battery status gauge, and a two function lamp for work area illumination or emergency indication. Rated for up to 400/900 cranking amps and has an added air compressor with air gauge, a 120V power inverter and a USB outlet to recharge your computer or MP3 player. part no. description 991060 battery jump pack Picture may vary from actual product. Visit Picture may vary from actual product. Visit part no. description 979018 cupholder inverter, 12V DC to 110V AC Cupholder Power Inverter Convert 12V DC battery power to 110V AC up to 150 Watts. From the cupholder of your your boat, car, RV, or camper, the ProSport Cupholder Inverter provides instant AC power for laptops, mobile phone chargers, game consoles, portable TVs & DVD players, radios, lighting, small power tools and more. Features high surge capacity, output short & input polarity protection, over temperature protection, and overload protection. Standard 110V AC receptacle and 3-ft cable. ProSport Onboard Battery Chargers Incorporate all-digital microprocessor control. Automatic installation feedback with its exclusive "System Check OK" and individual "Battery Bank Trouble" LED indicators, and also has the most advanced energy saving mode. After fully charging and conditioning batteries, ProSport's Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain batteries only when needed to maintain a full state of charge, resulting in maximum reserve power performance and lower AC power consumption and operating costs. ProSport incorporates Distributed- On-Demand Charging technology, taking 100% of the available charging amps and distributing them to any one or combination of all batteries as needed for faster charging. Each ProSport model has two digitally selectable charge profiles to choose from with a 3rd high-performance AGM HP profile on the ProSport20 Dual (943020). It includes a once-a- month storage reconditioning mode for extending battery life. 100% Waterproof & Saltwater Tested and pre-wired for easy Installation. UL, CSA, FCC, CEC, RoHS, ABYC, Lead-free. part no. description 943006 ProSport 6, heavy-duty onboard charger, 6 amp single, 12V 943008 ProSport 8, heavy-duty onboard charger, 8 amp dual, 12/24V 943012 ProSport 12, heavy-duty onboard charger, 12 amp dual, 12/24V 943020 ProSport 20, heavy-duty onboard charger, 20 amp dual, 12/24V 943021 ProSport 20Plus, heavy-duty onboard charger, 20 amp triple, 12/24/36V 943006 Battery Chargers, Isolators & Inverters Charge Pro Onboard Battery Chargers Designed for harsh marine and industrial environments - moisture, salt, shock and vibration tested to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and meet the toughest worldwide standards including UL, CSA, ABYC, and the latest California efficiency regulations (CEC). Non corroding housing for ultimate reliability, as well as intuitive operation - Sense-Send technology senses the power needs of each battery and sends correct charge. Feature universal 120/230V input for go-anywhere freedom, and are microprocessor controlled for accurate charging. Charge flooded and AGM batteries. Completely sealed and epoxy filled, IP68 waterproof. part no. description 991560 on-board battery charger, 6 amp, 12V, 1 bank, 120V input 991565 on-board battery charger, 10 amp (5/5), 12/24V, 2 bank, 120V input 991525 on-board battery charger, 20 amp, 12/24V, 2 bank, 120V input 991570 inlet - front/rear charger mount with PVC cover 991560

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