Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 285 Hand Tools

285 hand tools f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Light-Duty Flameless Heat Gun A competitively priced tool that can be held by hand or stand alone. Quickly and efficiently shrinks PVC, polyolefin, dual wall, crimpable shrink tubing and no-crimp solder terminals. Solid state construction: powerful dual set, 315C/537C (600F/1000F) 1200W and 10 amps self-standing. Perfect for shrink tubing. Includes shrink tube reflector. For light-duty use only. Mini-Torch Economical, self-igniting mini-torch. Temperature range up to 1300C (2500F). Includes a refillable fuel cell. Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Child Safety Requirements. Does not include butane. Butane Power Torch This versatile heat tool is fast and lightweight. Perfect for heat shrinkable connectors and tubing, soldering and a variety of other applications. The tank capacity will provide approximately 70 minutes of continuous usage. Does not include butane. part no. description 990110 flameless heat gun part no. description 945000 economical butane mini torch part no. description 946005 butane power torch Portable Heat Tool Convenient butane powered flameless heat tool and soldering iron kit that is self-igniting and cordless. Kit comes complete with heat shrink attachment, soldering and heat tips, protective cap, spanner and open wrenches, as well as installation and application instructions. Tank holds 1oz 28ml (15.8gm) of butane and can operate up to 2 hours on #3 setting. Temperature ranges vary from 250C to 650C (482F up to 1202F), depending on application tip usage. part no. description 990105 portable heat tool Heavy-Duty Butane Torch The heavy-duty butane powered torch is a versatile heating tool, perfect for terminal soldering, heat shrink tubing, shrink terminals and connectors. This torch features a large lame that reaches temperatures up to 1300C (2500F), and a flame lock option that allows for continuous burning. The refillable fuel reservoir holds 42 ml and provides a continuous run time of up to 60 minutes. Butane not included. part no. description 945005 heavy-duty butane torch Cable Strippers, Cutters & Heat Tools Heavy-Duty Copper Cable Cutter Designed to cut copper cable, this cutter has a 22" handle. Does not cut steel. Heavy-Duty Cable Stripper This heavy-duty cable stripper removes cable jackets either cutting lengthwise or spiral form. Copper Cable Cutter Designed to cut copper cable. Made of high quality 1 /4 " hardened steel. Length: 8 3 /4". Does not cut steel. part no. description strip gauges 940405 rotary cable stripper 8 ga-400 MCM part no. description cuts gauges 990240 battery cable cutter 8-3/0 ga part no. description cuts gauges 990235 heavy-duty copper cable cutter 8-4/0 ga 990236 heavy-duty bench mount cable cutter 8-4/0 ga 990236

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