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288 hand tools Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Expandable Tubing Hot Knife Expandable sleeving should be cut with a hot knife cutting tool or similar heated blade to keep the material fibers together. This bench mount 110 volt AC tool enables the operator to draw flexible sleeving down across the knife blade under tension. Both hands are then free to seal and flare ends. Must be used in a well ventilated area. Instructions printed on the tool. part no. description 990070 expandable tubing hot knife Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cords Single outlet extension cords. Type SJTW-A extra flexible cords. All-weather with oil restraint. -40C (-40F), 300V rating: 15A, 125V, 1875W. UR and UL rated. part no. description gauge/conductor 75520 50' cord 14/3 75524 25' cord 12/3 75526 50' cord 12/3 19015222 Locknut Wrenches This perfect tool for locknut operation fits the majority of UL locknuts and features a thin profile that makes those normally tight spaces a thing of the past. The hooked tip latches onto locknuts and maximizes turning leverage. It can be used to loosen or tighten a locknut by rotating the wrench in the direction of the arrows marked on both ends. The Locknut Wrench is a reliable and durable addition to any tool box. part no. description 19015222 locknut wrench, 1.000" 19015223 locknut wrench, 0.750" 19015224 locknut wrench, 0.500" Razor Scrapers Perfect for any sticky situation. The scrapers utilize a single edge steel razor blade that can be easily replaced when worn. The 4" compact scraper features a plastic body with slight contour for use in tight spaces. The Monster 6" and 19" scrapers feature a rugged aluminum body and the 19" has a poly foam grip that can store up to 15 blades. If you need a variety of sizes, the Monster kit is the best option as it contains the 4" plastic, 8" and 13" aluminum scrapers, and 100 razor blades in a convenient plastic case. part no. description handle length 9900914 scraper 4" plastic 9900916 monster scraper 6" aluminum 9900919 monster extra long scraper 19" aluminum 9900920 monster scraper kit w/spare blades 4", 8", 13" R P b c b o s 9900920 9900919 Heavy-Duty Serrated Edge Scissors Serrated, angled shears are ideal for cutting Clean Cut Expandable Sleeving, Metal Braided Sleeving, Stainless Steel Expandable Sleeving, and other sleeving types. Comfortable, high impact grips and stainless steel blades ensure years of use. part no. description 990099 heavy-duty serrated edge scissors Clamp Making Tool The Clamp Making Tool is designed to tighten safety wire - any size, any shape, anywhere, thus utilizing its strength and versatility. Use with parts 12202202, 12202204 and 12202206. Stainless Steel Safety Wire Our Stainless Steel Safety Wire is made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, which provides strength and great corrosion resistance, and is annealed for ease of use. Use with clamp making tool part 990040. part no. description 990040 clamp making tool, stainless steel part no. length size 12202202 600' 0.025" 12202204 360' 0.032" 12202206 200' 0.041" 990040 12202204 NEW!

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