Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 290 Specialty Testers

290 specialty testers Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Battery & Alternator Voltage Analyzer Strong steel tip effortlessly pierces wire insulation for testing. Easily finds broken wires in circuit as bulb will stop glowing at dead point. part no. description 990200 12V battery & alternator voltage analyzer Tru-Spark Ignition Firing Indicator Quickly and accurately tests DIS and other ignition systems for the presence of secondary voltage. Tests without piercing or removing spark plug wires. Sensitivity adjustment dial. High visibility 360 indicator. High impact ABS housing. part no. description 991200 Tru-Spark ignition firing indicator 12V DC Automotive Tester Quickly indicates alternator output and status of battery charge. LED lights show normal, low or flat level of battery charge. Durable case with magnetic strip on back adheres to any steel surface for safe operation. part no. description 991085 12V DC automotive tester Hydrometers Provide an easy visual inspection that identifies if the acids or solutions are in their proper state. The antifreeze hydrometer tests ethylene glycol on a temperature scale from -51C to 0C (-60F to 32F), suggesting that the solutions are properly mixed to prevent freezing. The battery hydrometer tests battery acid and suggests a low, fair, or good rating in the range of 1.100-1.100sg. Hydrometers are made of plastic with a rubber squeeze bulb that can extract up to 4 oz. part no. description 9900932 antifreeze hydrometer, ethylene glycol tester 9900435 battery hydrometer, acid tester Refractometer Provides the most accurate way of testing the concentration of acid and ethylene glycol or propylene glycol levels in antifreeze. Comes complete with a screwdriver, eyedropper, and padded case. The refractometer has an adjustable lens focus as well as a calibration adjustment screw and it reads in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. part no. description 9900930 handheld refractometer, glycol tester 9900932 Trailer Connector Testers An LED trailer connector tester confirms and analyzes tail light, turn signal and ground connections from your vehicle. 73095 73097 part no. description 73095 4-way flat trailer connector tester 73097 7-way trailer connector tester Battery Load Testers Can be used with conventional and maintenance-free lead acid batteries. Both test 6 and 12 volt batteries and provide analog test readings. The 9900501 features copper plated clamps, tests completely in 10 seconds and has operating instructions displayed on back of tester. The 9900502 features a pistol grip, insulated heavy-duty copper clamps and performs state of charge, battery load, starter and charging system diagnostic tests. part no. description 9900501 analog battery load tester 9900502 pistol grip load tester, 125A 9900501 9900502 Diagnostic & Specialty Testers Dual Telephone Line Tester Tests the status of single or dual phone lines. The tri-color LEDs indicate line status and the lexible lead comes with standard RJ11 phone plug. part no. specifications range 19065219 pocket clip yes visual indication yes single & dual line test yes

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