Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 307 RV Accessories

307 RV accessories f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. 905068000 Spray Lube A penetrating aerosol fluid that changes to a tough, protective grease in minutes. The lube helps prevent steps from rusting and helps reduce wear. Step Light Helps illuminate the stairs when the sun goes down. Light can be used with any series of stairs. 90900400 4-Way Harness Plugs Pre-wired harnesses with male Weatherpack connectors. Harness is manufactured with 12" of one red 10 ga. and three 16 ga wire. 909306000 Step Tread Replaces existing worn-out step treads. All styles feature an adhesive back with non-skid tread. 909342000 The Test Control Kit Provides diagnostics for RV step service. Isolates step function from RV power and wiring, allowing you to pin point the problem. Replace only the necessary parts. 909518000 part no. description 909004000 under step light part no. description 909306000 wiring harness part no. description ID 909342000 glow in the dark step tread 6"D x 21"W 909334000 non-skid step tread 8"D x 25"W 909331000 non-skid step tread 6"D x 21"W 909540000 non-skid step tread-yellow 8"D x 33"W 909335000 non-skid step tread 8"D x 33"W part no. description 909518000 KWIK TEST control unit test box part no. description size 905068000 lube, single can 11 oz 905069000 lube, twelve can case 11 oz

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