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hand tools 10 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing New Products Wireless Digital Inspection Camera See behind walls, through pipes, and into the ductwork to inspect wiring, appliances, and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible with the Gardner Bender WiFi Inspection Camera. This device features a water-resistant and non-conductive (up to 500 volts), 3ft flexible tube with a dustproof/water-resistant 9mm Camera and adjustable LED lighting at the tip allowing the user to view into spaces they cannot reach due to structural obstructions (like the inside of a wall or above a ceiling). The device creates and utilizes its own private WiFi network - no need for a modem or internet connection - to transmit images from the camera to any iOS or Android enabled smart device via a free downloadable app. The resulting images are projected in full color and can be captured as still images or video for sending to other devices or people via email. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool Set - with Interchangeable Dies Replace several crimp tools with just one item. This crimp tool ratchet set begins with our popular 990025 Insulated Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool and adds five interchangeable dies for crimping a multitude of terminals. This includes open barrel terminals, insulated terminals, insulated closed-end connectors, insulated double-crimp terminals, and insulated lag terminals -all contained in a convenient black carrying case with included 2.5mm Allen wrench for easy die change out. Includes crimp tool and five interchangeable dies in plastic carrying case. Crimps open barrel, 22-8 ga insulated, insulated closed-end connectors, insulated double-crimp, and insulated flags. Gauge Sizes: 20-10 ga open barrel, 22-8 ga insulated, 24-10 ga, insulated double crimp, 22-14 ga insulated flags. 19015221 990030 part no. description 19015221 wireless inspection camera GB WIC-100 part no. description 990030 ratchet crimp tool set with 5 dies 19015221 Crimping Tool A heavy-duty tool that provides a 3 point crimp for solderless connectors 8-4/0 ga (standard copper lug). Use with a 3/8" drive extension or ratchet as well as a 19mm or 3/4" open ended wrench. part no. description crimps gauges 990017 impact wrench/ratchet crimper 8-4/0 990017 9900815 Table Top Wire Rack & Terminal Kit This versatile wire rack comes with a sliding top drawer that houses 18" x 12" x 2" size scoop box that comes with an assortment of terminals. Rack can hold a wide combination of 100' to 500' spools of assorted wires. It is manufactured from heavy-duty powder coated steel for durability. Available with and without terminals. part no. description 9900815 table top wire rack & terminal kit 9900816 table top wire rack only

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