Del City New Product Supplement 2015 Page 9 Gauges

9 gauges Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing New Products ISSPRO Magnetic Speed Sensor Magnetic Sensors are used to convert rotational counts into speed measurements, which are then displayed on a Tachometer or Speedometer. ISSPRO Leadwire High temperature extension type lead wire. ISSPRO leadwire ensures accurate readings. For use with ring terminal thermocouples. ISSPRO Thermocouple ISSPRO standard thermocouple features brass fittings for use in diesel applications. 1/4" NPTF mounting threads. Probe length: 2.25". Made in the USA. ISSPRO Temperature Switch ISSPRO Temperature Switches are rugged and reliable for the indicator light, relays, hourmeters, etc. One amp capacity. part no. description 4008933 magnetic sensor, 4" wire lead connector 5/8"-18 threading, ISSPRO R8933 part no. description 4066010 leadwire, high temp, 10', ISSPRO R660-10 part no. description 4000650 thermocouple, 0-160F, 1/4" NPTF, 2.25", ISSPRO R650 part no. description 4000363 temp switch, 225F, 1/2" NPTF, 1 Stud, ISSPRO R363G 4008933 4066010 4000650 4000363 4 4000650 4066010 ISSPRO Fuel Level Sender ISSPRO Float Arm Fuel Level Sender is adjustable for tanks with 6-27" depth and fits right or left hand swing applications. It can be used with ISSPRO gauges as well as most aftermarket gauges. Resistance Curve: 240 - 33 Ohm. Fits right or left-hand swing applications. ISSPRO Fuel Level Senders ISSPRO Ultimate Fuel Level Senders are some of the most widely used components for major OEMs. They are built tough to provide reliable readings. Resistance Curve: 240 - 33 Ohm. Tube Length: 10". Tank Depth: 10-1/2" - 11". Temperature range: -90C to 105C. Fluids measured: gas/diesel/biodiesel/alcohol(ethanol)/hydraulic non-potable water. End cap keeps tube free of debris. Senders must be installed within 5 from vertical for best results. ISSPRO Pressure Switches ISSPRO Pressure Switches are rugged and reliable for the indicator light, relays, hourmeters, etc. All pressure switches have a six amp capacity. part no. description 4008925 fuel level sender, 240-33 ohm, 6-27", R.L swing, ISSPRO R8925 part no. description 4009510 fuel level sender, 10-180 ohm, ISSPRO RA9510-ISS part no. description 4000064 pressure switch, 4 PSI, N/O, HD, 2 1/4" blades, ISSPRO R4006-4 4400915 pressure switch, 15 PSI, N/C, HD, 2 1/4" blades, ISSPRO R4009-15 4008925 4009510 4000064 4008925 4009510

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